Two Weeks of Development of Sumatra Rescue Alliance

It’s been two weeks since the start of Sumatra Rescue Alliance construction. Today, the construction is running smoothly though this morning rain made all of us worried. Rain means no work, no stones installed, no earth has been dug and excavated, and no tranported material due to the increased river flow.

Almost the entire walls reach three metres heights. The iron frame for the bathroom which will be use for water storage has also been assembled. Tommorow will be continued with casting. Once again, we hope the nature will take our side so this work can be done smoothly.

Sumatra Rescue Alliance is an animal rescue centre in North Sumatra. Conflict between human and wild animal push founder of two orangutan organizations to commit together to save Sumatran Orangutan and Sumatran endemic primates. The Center for Orangutan Protection together with Orangutan Information Centre with the support of The Orangutan Project and Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia start this mission. Mission to create a second chance to live for orangutan and other protected primates who have been uprooted from their habitat.

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