SRA at Level 3, We Are Waiting for Sumatran Orangutans

The Sumatra Rescue Alliance (SRA) was born for orangutans and other primates in Sumatra. The physical construction of the clinic and cage has begun to appear. The walls of the clinic were three meters high. The continuous rain that fell in the afternoon forced the team to rack their brains, looking for ways how the construction could go according to plan.

The site of the construction which is across the Besitang river, North Sumatra is quite difficult for building materials to enter the location. The river became cloudy with impassable discharge. “It is dangerous if we force to send the material when the river is high. We’ll wait for it to recede. Our material piles up at crossing points. If it doesn’t recede in time, you will have to use a boat. And the costs can be even greater. Once again, I hope that nature will be generous and support the development of this SRA, “said Nanda Rizki Dianto.

The population of Sumatran orangutans in the wild is estimated at no more than 14,000 individuals. The existence of orangutans as the ‘umbrella species’ is still endangered. What about other species? Illegal ownership which is often encountered or reported cannot be followed up because there is no enough Animal Rescue Center in Sumatra, especially the northern part. “We will work harder, and wait for us Sumatran orangutans.”

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