our priorities
We create second chance for orangutan to be wild and free

Every orangutan deserve a good life, including those who uprooted from its natural habitat.
We operate 2 rehab centres in Borneo and Sumatra to accommodate rescued orangutans and rehab them.
Releasing them is our final goal. For those that technically could not be release due to illness or physical disabilities, they stay with us in sanctuary islands.

Forest School : the journey begin here

Once an orangutan entered rescue centre, they will learn skills to live as wild orangutan for several years.
This is like ordinary school. Orangutan being grouped according to their age and learn essential skills like finding natural food, climbing trees and forest foraging also building nest. We call this Forest School. The last step before release is university island.

Our Program



Happi was missing his mom when he was 11 months old. BKSDA (Nature Conservation Agency of Indonesia) in Bontang city, East Kalimantan confiscated Happi and send him to COP Borneo.
You can adopt Happi and support his dreams for freedom here.


Popi’s mom trapped and got off, leave her at Sempayau village near the palm oil plantation. She is 8 weeks old. No teeth and too weak. Popi is growing up and need adopter.

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