Raising Awareness in Every Way

Raising awareness are the way to make people understand about issues related to environment. Without awareness, our rehabilitation works are in vain. Because people need to know about what’s going on to make them realize and change their lifestyle or raise their concern.
That’s why we routinely doing a school visit, campus visit, and other social awareness program to educate people. Doing a school visit to schools and to early education children is the most important thing. In this school visits, we try to adapt our learning material to be understand by little children. Like by doing a storytelling, roleplaying and other style to make them interested to the subject.


By doing this, we try to change their mindset since early years, because it’s harder to change adult’s view than children. But that didn’t mean we didn’t educate older people. To older people we sometimes make other awareness program that suited more to them and make them interested.
Such as an exhibition in Art for Orangutan and charity concert like Sound for Orangutan. This kind of events was held to accommodate people from different background to use their ability and talent in raising people awareness.


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