Racing with Time, The Construction of SRA is Keep Running

The Independence Day Holiday are over. This year is a bit different with another year. All competitions and mathes were being canceled. Before and after August 17th is usually filled with activities which involved a lot of people. And this year, it’s enough just with a flag raising ceremony, a moment of silence, and praying time. And the construction of Primate Rescue Centre was resumed.

The building foundation of Sumatra Rescue Alliance (SRA) Primate Center clinic building has been completed. The heavy rain hits hard the site just after the cement hardens. To end today’s work, we continue to send and bring the material from across the river to the site. We hope, the nature will be friendly and help the construction.

SRA primate center which is located on the land of Bukit Mas Permaculture Centre area, North Sumatera is an effort to overcome conflicts between humans and orangutans or other protected primates in the area of KSDA North Sumatera. Rescue, rehabilitation, and release is the main focus of SRA.

“We hope this construction could go according to plan and operating soon.” say Daniek Hendarto, the director of Center for Orangutan Protection.” Let us create a second chance for orangutan and other protected primates that uprooted from their habitat. Me, you, and all of us, together.” Added Daniek.

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