Our History

  • 2007

    Founded by Hardi Baktiantoro to stop slaughtering orangutan, as the impact of forest clearing to make way for oil palm plantation in Central Borneo. He and the other Co-Founders: Yuyun and Hery, investigate and name the companies that committed crime against orangutan and its habitat.
  • 2008

    The battle continued. COP develop APE Crusader Team. Based in Palangkaraya, the team cover the island of Borneo to do anything they can to save orangutan, included assisting local communities to defend their forest from land grabbing to animal rescue with authorities.
  • 2009

    Develop the APE Defender Team to share the workload with APE Crusader Team. This team responsible for pausing expansion of oil palm plantation in Tumbang Koling, Central Borneo for at least 7 years. It saved at least 50 resident orangutans.

  • 2010

    Develop the APE Warrior Team. Based in Jakarta, covering Java to combat illegal wildlife trade in Java, also organise public support. At least 40 criminals has been jailed till today as the result and at least 1000 rare and protected wild animals being saved. The team also helping zoos to improve the welfare of its animals
  • 2011

    Develop COP School as the training and indoctrination unit for volunteers. At least 400 young people have graduated and running effective network for social movement in Indonesia. Their first assignment was: joining the APE Defender Team to defend Tumbang Koling forest in Central Borneo and joining the APE Crusader Team to take over the care of animals in abandoned zoo in Samarida, East Borneo.
  • 2012

    Won Andrews Award as the Most Outstanding Young Group in Asia during Asia for Animals Conference that held in Chengdu, China. In the same year, COP also being sued by one the biggest palm oil company is the world for exposing their crime.

  • 2013

    Sign the MoU with Ministry of Forestry to work in East Borneo through rescue, rehab, release and law enforcement.

  • 2014

    Starting the development of COP Borneo, a recsue and rehab centre in Berau, East Borneo. The first batch of rehab orangutans were 14 from KRUS Zoo, Samarinda.

  • 2015

    Restarted campaign against deforestation in East and Central Borneo. Revise the mission statement to SAVE ORANGUTAN FROM DELETE.

  • 2018

    The Government of Indonesia awarded COP as the Best Environmental NGO.
  • 2019

    Big reorganisation. Daniek Hendarto replaced Hardi Baktiantoro as Executive Director. He is being assisted by Senior Management Team: Dhani and Yuyun. COP also revise its mission statement to: A GOOD LIFE FOR ORANGUTAN. COP founded a company to manage ecosystem restoration in East Borneo, in partnership with TOP and Kapal Api, the biggest coffee company in Indonesia.
  • 2020

    Develop a new rescue and rehab centre for orangutan and other primates in Sumatra, in collaboration with Orangutan Information Centre and The Orangutan Project.
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