Orangutan Enrichment: Fruit Lemang is Back

t’s been a long time since the last time we gave lemang (an Indonesian traditional food that made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt and cooked in a bamboo stick) as an enrichment variant. This challenge the animal keepers to find bamboo to remote creeks. Not to mention the itching feelings caused by the outer layer of bamboo.

We also need to share the bamboo with the local people. So, we just take what we need for today’s enrichment. Usually, people use it to make lemang when they need to make a certain events or ceremony in the village.

A bit imitating the way local people in making lemang. We also make lemang for orangutan. We make a little hole on one end of the bamboo, then we add small slices of fruits, leaves and honey also added. Surely orangutans will love it.

For adult orangutans, opening the thick bamboo using their teeth is easy. Like Nigel, Ambon, Antak, Hercules, and Septi can open it fast. While the others, especially the little ones had to try harder so they can reach the inside of the lemang. (WID)

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