COVID-19 Affected Zoos and Animal Rescue Centers

The COVID-19 pandemic not just affected people around the world, but also many animals that being kept in zoo and other wildlife facilities made by human. Entertainment and tourism have been affected the most in this pandemic. Hotels, tourist attraction and other places are being closed to visitors to prevent the spread of the virus, neither to human, nor to the animals.
So how about zoos that mainly depended on visitor to have the funds to buy feeds for their animals? Many zoos in Indonesia are struggling to feed their animals and try to gather people to donate anything to help their animals to survive from starvation. Even some desperate zoos said that as the last option they may feed animals to animals as the funds dry out.
Started from this month, a few zoos try to reopen with their new normal protocol. But can this still attract visitor to come in the middle of this pandemic? We hope so, but now, the only thing that Centre for Orangutan Protection can do is keep doing zoo check and helping the rescue centers that needed help to care their animals by donating feeds and medicines or vitamins.
After this pandemic over, we hope the government can start to think about another option and system for zoos in Indonesia. So, this kind of issues won’t be repeated in the near future.

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