COP School and Orangufriends, Our Spirit, Our Hope

Since 2011, COP School being held annually in Yogyakarta. Since then we gather around 312 volunteers that incorporated in Orangufriends (Orangutan Friends). Having COP School help us to expand our reach to people from different areas and background who have the same concern about conservation.
In this school, we share knowledge about our conservation works such as rescue, rehabilitation, and release programs and also other related works like our habitat care program. Also, we usually invited a vet who experienced in caring wild animal and sharing their works in the field. Then, other conservationist that works in the journalism or communication and other related works also invited to help us understand how we can save our environment from many different sides and areas.
These Orangufriends then become our major supporter from around Indonesia and helping us to do and to realize our program and campaign. Their support, spirit, and hope ignite us to keep doing our best. Hopefully, this COP School can be one way to save our wildlife, our habitat, and our people.

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