Bonti and Her Friends Waste on Hammock

If you asked whose hammock is damaged the most, it must be the hammock in the orangutan Bonti and her friend’s cage. Almost every month, the animal keepers fix their hammocks. It’s because the hammock which is mostly used by orangutans as a place to rest and relax, is actually used by Jojo, Popi, Mary, and especially Bonti to hang around together. “The hammock load, which is supposed to be for 1-2 small orangutans, is used together.” murmured Widi Nursanti, the manager COP Borneo Rehabilitation Center.

We run out of material to make the hammock. “Usually we get used hoses from the Berau Fire Department. The National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) also helps the orangutans. So, we use the hoses that cannot be used by the Berau Damkar, to make hammocks,” explained Widi.

Why should there be a hammock? Wild orangutans usually spend their time and activities up in the tress. Twice a day, they will make a nest to rest. So, we at the rehabilitation center also try to provide hammock or a place for orangutans to hang and take some rest. The used hoses that are still strong enough was made to hammock. So, who else who wants to help orangutans? Currently we need materials to make hammock. (WID)

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