Be a Volunteer in Our Rehabilitation Center, Why Not?

Our rehabilitation center in East Borneo are always open to volunteers from around the world. In this center we are caring for about 18 orangutans that have different needs. By opening this chance, we can accommodate people who wants to works directly in the field to help orangutans.
By doing at least 1 month of volunteering, we can make our volunteers to understand our works better. They can learn about our up and down in caring orangutans and how to manage a rehabilitation center.
Even though our rehabilitation center closed now from visitor because of COVID-19 pandemic, we hope soon this pandemic will end, and we again allowed to give another chance to people who wants to help our works.
In this volunteering program, our volunteers can experience many things, such as feeding orangutans, checking their health, cleaning their cage, accompanying and monitoring them in forest school, and making enrichment.
Other than that, our rehabilitation center also a perfect place for people who are searching a solitude and peace place to relax. This can happen because our center located in the middle of Borneo forest and far from the hustle and bustle of cities.


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