Aman Back to The COP Borneo Playground

Today, the weather is friendly. It’s time to take Aman to the playground. As usual, it’s hard to cooperate with Aman. When the cage was opened, Aman always avoided us, maybe because he thought, that he would be given more medicine. Naturally, he really didn’t like drugs.

When we reach the playground, we let him play while we watching him. It turned out that Aman was very excited and more excited than the first time he played in the playground. “This is his chance to play again in the playground,” said Ray the new veterinarian in COP Borneo.

Aman is a very clever baby orangutan. Even with imperfect fingertips, he still tried to reach the ropes on the playground and with more effort. Every now and then he lost her grip, but he always found his way to keep hanging. The good thing is Aman didn’t like to play on the ground. Sometimes he was seen resting on the tire in the middle of playing area.

If the COVID-19 pandemic ends, then Aman will have a chance to join the other orangutans in the forest schools. And it’s not impossible that Aman can be the brightest orangutan. There will be hope, if we dare to dream. (RAY)

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