7 Birds Released in Baluran National Park

Our COP Ape Warrior team with Yogyakarta Natural Resources Conservation Agency, Wildlife Rescue Centre Yogyakarta (WRC), also Orangufriends (Orangutan Friends) have just released 7 birds back to their habitat. There are 1 crested serpent eagle, 1 white-bellied sea eagle, 1 changeable hawk-eagle, 2 green peacocks from WRC, also 1 

green peacock from Wanagama Paksi and 1 green peacock from Baluran National Park.
Some of them confiscated from illegal possession, while some of them surrendered by local people. All of them released in Baluran National Park, Situbondo, East Java in July 15th, 2020. Even though COVID-19 pandemi still happening in 

many cities and province, we keep doing this release program, but with a stricter protocol. Like keep wearing mask, always wash our hands, and keep our distance between each other.

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